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ONLINE VIDEO: Increases Sales Adding to Your Bottom Line and Increasing Profits

Video increases email click-through rates by 97%. With Internet users watching 16+ billion videos monthly, let us put our Emmy-winning talent to work helping you deliver the right message to your audience, advancing your marketing, advertising and social media with memorable, effective online video production.

Not enough? Consider these facts about video production, then call Milwaukee's most experienced video production firm:

82.6% of consumers are more likely to buy from a website with video
(Study by Chamberlain Research)

Press releases with video get a 500% increase in views
(Eloqua, April 2010)

78% of visitors stayed longer at websites that have video
(Study by Real Networks Inc.)

You are 53x more likely to appear on page 1 of Google's search results if you have video on your website.
(Forrester Research, January 2009)

In March, 174 Million internet viewers engaged in 5.7 billion video viewing sessions. That’s an average of 14.8 hours per month.
(Comscore, April, 2011)

It’s getting the right story out that’s critical, and that’s where we excel.
Lots of companies offer to build your website, or produce your video, then ask you to provide page content or tell them where to point the camera. We’re different about the way we handle video production in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

We put Emmy-winning talent to work to deliver the right message to the right audience, advancing your marketing, advertising and social media video with
memorable, motivating, effective online video production for Milwaukee and Wisconsin, from Mequon, Wisconsin.

Online Video Production in Milwaukee and Wisconsin by Dean Group Media. Video production facilities for Milwaukee are located in Thiensville, Wisconsin. Dean Group Media is a Wisconsin video production firm providing video production to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Chicago area and other communities throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.


We're constantly amazed at the audience - and impact - our videos are having. Consider this connection: from Waukesha to Carnegie Mellon.

When Xact Wire EDM hired us to produce a marketing video, add testimonial videos to their website and create a “How it Works” video explaining the wire EDM machining process, who knew it would draw the attention of college engineering departments - some of whom became their clients?

That's exactly what happened after the videos we produced went up on their website and YouTube. Carnegie Mellon and other universities noticed - and began asking more about the wire EDM process, recognizing the expertise of Xact that we helped demonstrate via video.

To make a long story short, the process - augmented by the videos - triggered conversations resulting in a purchase contract. This didn't happen just once. Xact is also now doing business with other universities - usually their engineering departments - from Madison to Canada and elsewhere in the U.S.

Video is a great way to benefit your business. You just never know who'll be watching!

View Exact Wire EDMs latest video by clicking on the image in the bottom right corner of our Porfolio page, here , or on their website, here.


WHY EXPLAINER VIDEOS WORK: The Power of Using an explainer video

Explaining your own business can be difficult. Most of us passionately pour in every detail, which can cloud the overall message. Putting an "explainer" video on our website can help with the task,  while increasing your website's "stickiness" and conversion rates. These powerful videos also strengthen your site's ability to accomplish a goal, whether conversion, explaining how something works, or simply convincing visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

Explainer videos are short, concise messages that tell what you do whether you're a business, organization, club, special interest group or individual. A well-made explainer video will work for anyone or anything needing to explain something.

Great explainer videos are brief (1-3 minutes), to the point, easy to understand and entertaining. They get their message across in a minimum amount of time. That's good, because most web visitors are in a hurry.

The best explainer videos are to the point. They don't make the viewer work to understand what's going on. (After all, it's your job to explain, not the viewer's job to understand.)

And, a well-made explainer video entertains. That's an important part of the process because you want to hold your viewer's attention.

Think of explainer videos as teaching videos. Then remember that most of us are like water when it comes to learning: we follow the path of least resistance. If something gets in the way - like a difficult concept - most of us head in another direction, quite possibly to a competing website. (Consider this if you're tempted to add a paragraph on quadratic equations.)

Stick to the point. Explainer videos should not include every detail about you or your business, but work best when brief and to the point. Which brings up a really important point: people learn best when they can layer in information. Give them the broad brush strokes first - a basic understanding - then go on to more complex details. A properly done explainer video provides the broad brush strokes. It provides your viewer with an essential understanding, whetting the appetite for more information, then stops, almost always ending with a call to action.

That's where Story Vision Video comes in. Our explainer videos capture attention, are easy to understand, are memorable and motivating. Story Vision Videos are explainer videos that teach and and motivate: explainer videos that inform and persuade.

And isn't that the very best kind of story you can tell?

Learn more about Story Vision Video™ at

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Story Vision Video™ animated explainer video is extremely effective at capturing attention and explaining what you do. Story Vision Video™ keeps your message simple, focusing on its essence. Story Vision Video™ is informative, memorable and motivating, instilling viewers with the desire to learn more about you and do business with you. 

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