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Case Studies - We got their stories out.

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Wisconsin Patient Centered Medical Home VideoHealthcare - Video
The Patient Centered Medical Home is a critical concept that can improve health care outcomes while dramatically reducing cost. But how to explain a complex idea to both physicians and the public? The Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians turned to Dean Group Media to provide what has become a nationally recognized and frequently used video presentation detailing the Patient Centered Medical Home Concept.

Capital acquisition in Wisconsin for biotech startups.Biotech – Capital Acquisition
o increase interest in a promising human tissue preservation medium with the potential to dramatically increase transplant organ viability, DeanGroupMedia was contracted to produce videos highlighting the biotech company and its product from an investor viewpoint. Result: More than 2 million dollars raised in 2nd tier capital.

Cooper Power Systems Video by Dean Group MediaManufacturing – Trade Show Presentation
When a major manufacturer of power system products needed to differentiate its technology development, we concepted the use of a professional actor portraying Thomas Edison to chronicle our client’s role in energy technology. Result: Electrical engineers, buyers and history buffs alike were drawn to the exhibit and its product messages.

Cincom Systems Testimonial Video Production from WisconsinSoftware - Tradeshow Presentation
Nothing provides greater credibility than your own customers singing your praises. Understanding that, Cincom Systems contracted Dean Group Media to produce a high-energy, motivating trade show presentation and marketing video consisting edited soley from customer testimonials. Result: increased creditbility in the software industry, increased understanding of what their software can deliver and increased sales because of it.

VIP Photography Dean Group Media Video Production WisconsinPhotography - Television Advertisement
VIP Photography provides high-impact, action-oriented photography of sporting events throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. How to advertise on JumboTrons in noisy arena environments? DeanGroupMedia met the challenge with VIPs own photography, and an action-packed 30 second edit requring no dependence on audio. Result: an eye-popping ad that told arena viewers exactly who, what and where they could obtain professional photos of the day's events.

Grand Avenue Club Milwaukee Video Fund Raiser - Not-for-Profit
r neeTo tell its story to potential contributors, Grand Avenue Club needed the master story telling skills of Dean Group Media. We built a three-part story to tell how Grand Avenue Club members worked together to overcome mental illness and transition back into society as valued, contributing members. Result: our video was labled Grand Avenue Club's most powerful fundraising tool.

Food Industry - Product Roll Out
To introduce a new bulk cereal dispenser to manufacturing reps, Kellogg of Battle Creek needed a concise, compelling presentation. DeanGroupMedia blended video and animation from the design firm's CAD drawings to construct the perfect product launch: target-oriented, simple, effective and motivating.

Archtectural - Marketing Video
How to show off monumental skylights the world over? Video from Dean Group Media. We blended new video with animation and Super Sky's own library of professional architectural photos to create a fast-moving, dynamic video showcasing the company's skylights and other products.

Defense – Photography

When a major military contractor needed critical, last-minute photography of a developing product, we provided professional photography, image retouching and client-approved prints within 24 hours. Result: The contractor was able to provide critical visual information to potential customers at a key defense industry trade show.

Influence - Public Relations -Working in conjunction with one of the state’s most effective and experienced government affairs firms, The Dean Group provides on-going public relations counsel, strategy and deliverables to favorably position our client. Result: The client is now a respected, go-to source for legislators seeking expertise on critical, controversial healthcare issues.

Energy - Product Launch - When a consortium of utility, manufacturing and research organizations realized the success of their new energy technology, The Dean Group was asked to produce an informational video. Result: The attention-getting tool is being used in marketing presentations and on multiple websites, including the U.S. Department of Energy’s.

IT - Customer Testimonials -
Who are the best people to sell your products? Your customers! We gathered on-camera testimonials from our client’s customers to tout the advantages of its software. Result: Sales are up. Our client wants us to gather more testimonials for additional products.

Biotech – E-Commerce -
To increase a client’s biotech sales, we created an e-commerce site allowing researchers to use credit cards for near-instant ordering of biotech products. Result: A new market was opened and a weeks-long process involving purchase orders was reduced to overnight service.

Banking - Focus Group –
When a financial organization needed an objective, unbiased analysis of its public perception within the community, we conducted in-depth focus groups gleaning insight from a representative sampling of community leaders. We examined objective and subjective information and provided valuable analysis to our client. Result: Our research is providing valuable insight to bolster the firm’s long-term marketing strategy and community involvement.

Energy Utility - News Video -
An electrical utility wanted to provide local tv newsrooms with video of unusual and unique utility work. But the locations were too difficult, impractical or dangerous to allow conventional news access. We accessed, shot, edited and provided a taped library of file video illustrating the utility’s key communication points. Result: The utility’s communications department now easily provides news media with professionally shot, difficult to obtain footage.

Photography Studio - Marketing DVD - The studio had developed a broad range of school, sports, portrait and wedding photography services. We created a DVD with separate segments designed to appeal to differing markets. Result: The studio has experienced increased awareness of its range of services in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Small Business - Marketing On-Hold™. Sometimes it’s impossible not to put callers on-hold. When you must, use our Marketing On-Hold™ messages. Result: Callers stay on longer and learn more about your products and services.

Packaging - Product Launch -
Wine in a single-serving carton? You bet! And the best way to show off its advantages is to show it in use. We teamed with the packaging company’s ad agency to craft online videos blending information with unrehearsed consumer responses. Result: A fascinating look at the advantages of drinks in a box.