Social Media
Social Media for Milwaukee & Wisconsin

The Internet has dramatically changed the way we recieve information. Our society is transitioning from the traditional “one-to-many” media model used to tell our marketing and advertising stories to a “many-to-many” social media model.

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Social media networks act as computerized hubs connecting individuals with like interests. Anyone with Internet access can initiate and engage in social media dedicated to manufacturing processes, academic disciplines, political endeavors, entertainment, sports, hobbies and other interests.

With social media, we move from being content consumers to content creators. The difference is critical, sparking key events: Our conversations become two-way as dialogue replaces monologue. We relax in discussions more akin to talking on the phone or in our yard with a neighbor. Corporate speak disappears. Trust replaces credibility.

If you’re wondering how social media can help your organization, Dean Group Media can assist by helping you tell your story through a coordinated, strategic social media strategy.

Download White Paper: The Integration of Art, Language and Technology as a Vehicle of Change for the Internet

A critical element of social media is video. For Video Production for Milwaukee & Wisconsin - CLICK HERE. Dean Group Media a has Emmy-winning experience providing video production throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.