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Our websites provide visitors with a rich content experience while moving them along the sales path. Our sites communicate, 24/7, your brand, your message, your knowledge.

What can Dean Group Media do for you?

Dean Group Media begins by understanding your organization and objectives. We analyze your existing site, making recommendations to achieve your objectives. Our proprietary web process takes a logical, business-like approach to function, form, navigability, visitor experience, search engine friendliness and ease of maintenance. How well does it communicate? We design, build and optimize your site, while making it simple to update yourself using inexpensive, readily available software. No time for updates? We can do that, too.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO specialists have optimized web pages to the top of search engine rankings both locally and nationally, generating new leads, new clients and new business.

What can Dean Group Media do for you?

You can direct people you know to your website, but we can help you can pull visitors you don't know by effectively optimizing key web pages. SEO is a communication process, not just a technical task. It takes thinking and communications experience to attract individuals interested in the type of work your organization is involved in but who may be finding your competitors through Google, YouTube, Yahoo! and other search engines. We move these new visitors from learning about your competitors to learning about you.

Although SEO isn't the mysterious art some would have you believe, it does take time, attention to detail and a commitment regular maintenance while staying abreast of the ever-changing factors that affect SEO. We do all of this, offering on-going programs with monthly maintenance as well as one-time optimization.

To learn more about what we can do for you, call or click: 262-238-8740 info@deangroup.com

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