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Your story. Our vision. We create animated videos that explain what you do. See how Story Vision helped Joe. Click Here.

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Whiteboard Video

Story Vision animated whiteboard videos from Dean Group Media provide one of the most effective ways of explaining your organization, business, product, service and other information to web visitors the very first time they visit your website. Our animated whiteboard “explainer” videos do just that. We keep your message simple, both in narration and animation, focusing viewers on the essence of what you do, and instilling the desire to learn more about you through direct contact.

Our process is simple, straightforward. We talk with you and learn about your organization. We provide creative concepts for your video, then script your story. Once you've approved the script, we set to work with our animation production process to create an animated explainer video in our unique style. We provide online reviews at each step for your approval. Once you're happy with the finished product, we provide it in web-viewable formats, as well as on disk. We'll do all of this in a time frame and at a cost that meets your needs and budget!

Explainer Videos

At Dean Group Media, we use Emmy-winning talent and years of story-telling experience to provide the very best explanatory videos. Our animated whiteboard videos are exceptional for first-time explanations of what you do, utilizing entertaining cartoon techniques and attention-keeping narrative style. They are excellent for explaining your business, processes and concepts, how your products and services work (how it works videos) and for instructions or lessons in instructional and educational videos.

To see how Story Vision helped Joe sell Whatchums to the World,. click here.

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